5 Reasons to Build a New Home

More and more people are interested in building a new home rather than buying a fixer-upper that could take years and thousands upon thousands of additional costs to complete. When you build new, you’ll have the luxury of a comfortable living space that will SAVE you thousands of dollars through the years by reducing the waste of energy.Below are 5 Reasons to Build a New Home

New Heating and Cooling System
When you build a new home you’ll get “top of the line” Heating and Cooling equipment to make sure you can keep your house comfortable while these ENERGY STAR rated products use and waste far less energy. These new HVAC systems can sometimes pay for themselves within the first few years.
New Appliances
Once again, look for that ENERGY STAR appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, lighting fixtures, fans, etc. These new appliances use less energy and will last A LOT longer than your old stuff. If you find the right home building company, they will include appliances within their overall bid so you’ll be able to see the savings.
New Windows
Windows are one of the major problem areas when it comes to wasting energy. Older windows will send your dollars “flying out the window” since they are not usually “air tight” like new windows would be. ENERGY STAR windows can also allow less sunlight to shine through on the hot summer days, while keeping your warm air inside during the cold winter days.
Properly Sealed Air Ducts
Air Ducts are where you’ll lose the most money. 15-20% of air is lost through cracked and leaking air duct systems. These crack and leaks can also bring unwelcome moisture and dust within your home. With a newly built home and a newly built air duct system you will save a significant amount of money through the years. We are all looking to lessen our carbon footprints in this world of high energy costs anyways, so why not build new and start living Green.
New Insulation
With building a new home comes newly installed insulation. Insulation can slide and become less effective through the years. With new insulation installed and installed properly, you’ll be able to control the climate of your home and save A LOT of money with no problem at all.
The more economical choice really would be to build a new home rather than buying and fixing up an older home. You’ll be able to save energy and save money by building a brand new energy efficient home. When looking for your dream home, why not build new, customize it just the way you want it, and enjoy a climate controlled environment that will allow your dollars to start working for you.. instead of always working against you. With all the “fixer-upper” projects your could potentially run into if you buy an older house, it’s worth the extra up front money to just build a brand new home.

Building a New Home – The Basics of Building a New Home

Start with BuildingNew home building is not an easy project and using subcontractors, many workers and suppliers, and other professionals can be stressful. When you are supervising a construction project, like building a new home, requires a tried and true method and some knowledge of the construction industry. The process will involve home design, plans, and more. This can be very time consuming and can cause you a lot of stress, if not done properly. Just picking out home plans and supervising the construction project can be a big job. In order to be successful with your new home you need to plan each part of the project correctly and carefully.Next is the ProjectYou will have to plan correctly if you want your new home to turn out as a success. Start with good blue prints and you will be able to supervise the project while watching television if you want to. You will have to be perfectly clear about the overall costs of the project so that you can make sure you can afford the entire project. The last thing you want is to run out of money before the project is complete.The Art of Finding ContractorsYou will most likely need to employ an architect and a builder, unless you are building in a subdivision tract. Subdivisions usually have a chosen builder and architect for you already. When looking for a builder you will be looking for an Owner Builder. So that you are ready to talk to a builder you need to know the following: How to avoid the model home trap that every big builder uses, How to keep your builder from using the assembly like construction techniques that they try to use. These will just get in the way of the craftsmanship you deserve. How to discover if your builder is telling you the truth about the quality of their work. This is where you need to be asking for references. You may also want to consult an attorney to give you the peace of mind you need when negotiating with your builder.Finally the CostIf you decide to be your own general contractor, then you can save yourself between 10 and 40% of the cost of building a new home. Home costs, how your home will look, and how energy efficient your house turns out to be will depend on how you plan it out on paper first. You need to set yourself a budget for your new home and stick to it. Make sure to pad it by about 10% so that you know you have enough money to finish the project.